Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘Cine Verités’ mean and how do you properly pronounce it?
Cine Verités is a variation of the French phrase “Cinéma Vérité” meaning cinema of truth. It is a style of shoot used to ‘unveil the truth
or highlight subjects.’ (Source:

It is pronounced as /SEE-NEH VEH-REE-TEY/.

How many events do you cover per day?
We only accept one event per day. We do not split our team to cover two events which means that you will get the best quality
of service.

How long do you usually shoot during events?
For Weddings, we usually arrive at the preparation area five (5) hours before the church ceremony to have enough time
to cover the actual preparation and have a photo session with you and your relatives or entourage.

For Debuts and other occasions, we usually arrive at the debutante’s/celebrant’s preparation area
3-4 hours before the start of the program to shoot the preparation of the debutante/celebrant.

Our wedding or debut coverage lasts 10 hours on the average starting from the preparation
up to the end of the reception program.

Do you charge extra for out-of-town/out-of-country coverage & location shoot?
And what is considered to be part of the out-of-town charges?
Yes, we do charge our clients for our out-of-town/out-of-country coverage. This includes
pre-occasion/pre-nuptial pictorials and the event proper. Our out-of-town charges start 30km.
outside of Batangas City. Accommodation and/or airfare might be added depending on the location.

What are the terms of payment?
We require P10,000 as Reservation Fee to block the date. This is non-refundable,
non-convertible and non-transferable so before booking us, make sure it is your final decision.

Fifty percent should be paid upon signing of the contract or during the pictorial sessions, while the remaining balance
shall be paid in full on or before the event date.

Do you accept check payments?
No, we don’t. Please pay only in cash so that there would be no problem with processing and noting your payments in our files.
Check encashments tend to be delayed according to bank policies thus noting that you have paid would also be delayed.

Don’t want to carry around a big amount of money? You can deposit your payment ahead of time. Just please inform us when you do.

Do you accept pencil bookings?
Nope. Our slots are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who should arrange for the permits and coordinate with the location?
The client is responsible in acquiring all the necessary permits during the photo shoots and event proper. We can only suggest to you
places good for pictorials and/or events but we cannot help you with the negotiations. Our charisma does not apply to all location
managers. *wink*

What kind of equipment do you use?
We’ve learned that sometimes it takes more than just an expensive, pretty camera to produce the best shots, you’ve got to have
the imagination and creativity to make it happen.

For Photos, we use EOS Canon Camera and Nikon Systems, Ultra-wide, Normal-Zoom Lens, and Telephoto Lenses.
For Videos, we use broadcast quality 3CCD Panasonic Cameras as our main Video Camera. Additional/backup cameras
will depend on your requirements.

If you have availed of a package with the Same Day Edit Video, we use Canon DSLRs for videos
with wireless audio transmitter. We also use Crane, Glidetrack, Glidecam for creative shots.
Our DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter is used if you upgrade to aerial same day edit video.

To give us better lighting, we use 2-3 main video LED lights with 50 watts each and portable LED lights.
For the DSLR camera we use external flashes and wireless triggers for every camera.

What does the final edited album and video look like?
We use Magnetic Leather Albums with dust jacket and keepsake box for weddings, while we use Magazine Style Albums with
dust jacket for our other events like debuts and kiddie parties. This is printed on board with final lamination. All our albums have
no cut in the middle section, is scratch proof and water resistant.

On the other hand, our DVD video is edited as a full non-linear video with musical scoring and enhancement. We use time shift editing
averaging in 45 mins. in length with DVD Menu should you avail of the DVD copy.

Do we have to feed you?
We hope you would. Your wedding photographers are one of the few vendors who do not get a break and work round the clock for
10 hours during your day. We do not require a complete course meal in a fancy restaurant. A hot crew meal would be enough.
Happier photographers usually lead to better photos. 🙂

How long does it take before you release the Photo album and DVD Video?
Our photo album and DVD Video takes 4-5 months after the event to be released. This could take longer during peak seasons
such as the December, January, April and May months, or if the clients take too long to answer our e-mail.

You might wonder why it takes so long. Please remember that we are also people – not a factory – and you are not our only client.
As much as possible, we want to handle the editing to maintain our standards and quality. While waiting for your album, we will provide
you the raw photos to view and share with your friends and relatives. The raw photos will be available for pick-up ten (10) days after the
wedding. However, we do not give out raw copies of the videos. Printing of albums is by batch with our supplier.

Do you give discounts and freebies?
It is human nature to ask for discounts so we cannot really say no to you. We are, after all, human too. The amount of discount or
freebies would depend on the package you choose, or how early you book us.