Popoy and Hazel: Pre-Wedding | Mahogany Place and Fernwood Gardens, Tagaytay City

One advantage I can personally tell our couples on why they need to have a pre-wedding shoot is that during the pre-wedding pictorial, they can actually practice how to project in front of the camera. The prenup shoot is also like a ‘test-shot’ with the photographers. Our clients will know how we work and they will be more familiar with us during the day of their wedding. Of course, added to the list is that they have pre-wedding photos that they can use on their invitations or give-aways, or simple some photos to post on their FB accounts to remind invited family and friends of their upcoming wedding date.

This couple surely does not need a separate day for familiarizing with us since we’ve known them for quite a while now – Popoy since kids and Hazel since she became Popoy’s girlfriend. An advantage for couples we know personally is that it is easier to work with them, too.

HMU // Raven Baylosis