Weweng and Dimple Proposal Video

Less than a month to go before one of our own ties the knot.

To give you just a little backstory, we initially planned a trip to Nuvali with some of our friends. The proposal was planned only later. That day, we told Dimple that we had a client we were supposed to meet so that 4 of us leave ahead of their group for Sta. Rosa. At first we planned to set up the proposal during a boat ride at Paseo but weather conditions earlier during the day had us thinking of another approach; which gave us the idea to hold the proposal at the restaurant we are going to have lunch at.

When their group arrived, we split up and tasked Aaron and Melody to follow Weweng and Dimple around (with a camera, of course) pretending to go with them since they had nowhere else they need to go.

Before I spoil everything, here’s the proposal video taken 2 years back.