Who We Are

Cine Verités

/SEE-ne VEH-ree-tey/

(n.) a variation of Cinema Vérité – cinema of truth
(n.) a style of shoot used by The Team to take photos, preserve them, and create memories to look back to, hence, our motto “Capturing real moments”

Cine Verités is composed of the same young, creative and passionate individuals of Vergel Espina Photograpy. We are now headed by spouses Joel and Jenny who were also mentored and trained by Vergel Espina himself.

Although under a new name, we still offer photo and video services in Batangas, Laguna and Tagaytay – but we are willing to explore the world with you!

The team believes in individuality and by the process of learning, we continuously strive to do better than our best.

We used to compete at the Ragnarok Philippines Championship.

We are online gamers.

We are team players.


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